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MTB Talent Development Centre

On Sunday, two of our budding XC racers, Lucy and Katie attended the first session of the 2020 British Cycling MTB Talent Development Centre at FlyUp417 Bike Park in Gloucestershire. The day started off with a bit of 'goal setting' and SWOT analysis - which was a great way for the girls to start to think about what they want to achieve with their racing and riding, and how they might get there. Then after a bit of a warm up on the fantastic indoor (!) pump track, the riders headed up onto the hill to work on carrying speed and maintaining flow.

The group had lots of fun experimenting to see whether jumping or pumping was fastest, then it was time to load up onto the uplift and try a couple of full runs down the hill! All the riders came back buzzing - and muddy!

After lunch it was time to work on some cornering on the great berm section at the bottom of the hill, and then when that was cracked, another few trips up on the uplift to cement all the skills together.

The day ended with a discussion of what the riders would like to do in the next session at the end of February, and more time spent seeing if they could catch each other in the pump track. All in all, a really fun day out - well done girls and thanks to all the coaches involved and Flyup 417 for hosting!

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